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The story of St. Agnes Catholic Church in Island Falls and its Mission, St. Paul, begins in 1902. St. Agnes was a Mission of Millinocket and had 40 Catholic families when the church building was built. The first visit by the Bishop was in 1907, when Confirmation was administered. In 1912, Island Falls and Patten were attached as Missions to Benedicta and in 1916 Confirmation in the new church, at Patten, was administered. 

At the coming of the first resident Pastor, Rev. Clement M. Frazier, in June of 1920, the Parish counted about 45 families, and included Smyrna Mills, Oakfield, Dyer Brook, Crystal and Hersey, besides a Mission at Patten.  After two years, there were 225 souls in 60 families. Joseph Michaud donated land for a cemetery. The church was without foundation, was heated by stove, and was in poor condition.  A furnace was installed in a cellar newly dug; the roof was reshingled; a choir-loft was put in; the exterior was painted; a bell was procured. September, 1923, Father Frazier was replaced by Rev. John W. Frawley, a Sacristy was added, and the Sanctuary was enlarged; a new lighting system was inaugurated; the Berger home was purchased for a Rectory. November, 1926, Father Frawley was transferred and Rev. Charles E. Proulx became Pastor.  A new church was being thought of, when “Depression” came and the mills were closed; everything came to a standstill. September, 1934, Father Proulx left and was replaced by Rev. J.X. Martin.  Little could be done during his administration. Rev. Alban Michaud was appointed Pastor, September of 1941.  A cement foundation to the church was put in, allowing of a basement and Parish-Hall.  The church was renovated outside and within, and was embellished with altar and statues. The Mission-Church in Patten was repainted, inside and out; a concrete foundation was set under it; an oil heater was installed. Electric organs were bought for both Patten and Island Falls.  A new cemetery in the latter place was adorned with a Calvary.

The story of the Catholic Presence in Houlton begins at a time etched in the greater history of Aroostook County. In 1828, during the border dispute between the U.S. and Great Britain, Brevet-Brigadier General Brady, colonel of the 2 regiment of Infantry of the U.S. requested the presence of Father McMahon of Eastport to administer the Sacred Sacraments to the soldiers at Hancock barracks in Houlton. Then at the close of the “Bloodless Aroostook War” it became evident that a resident pastor was needed to care for the growing Catholic population. In 1839, the Bishop of Boston answered the people’s prayers by sending Father Daugherty to Houlton as the first pastor of St. Mary of the Visitation.