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Hello everyone,

It seems to me that the Easter Season has gone by rather quickly. Now we have begun Ordinary Time in the liturgical calendar. We have begun this time by celebrating, on Sundays, the celebrations of The Most Holy Trinity and The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, Corpus Christy. I think that this, the celebration of these mysteries of our faith, is to show us that there is far more to our faith than can be understood in any length of time. Don't think that since we enter into Ordinary Time that there is not much to learn - it is not ordinary in the sense of simple or understandable! It is Ordinary Time as in ordered by numbers of the weeks contained within it. It is a time to go even deeper into the mystery of God's love for us. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you enter into the deepest and most intimate relationship with God that is possible for you. In this way you will find that Ordinary Time is not ordinary!


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