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“I AM who AM.” It is intriguing to think of knowing God better by studying this name. After all it is the name revealed by God himself! From my limited study of scripture, commentaries and other resources I have come to some understanding of this name. This way of study has been helpful in knowing of God in an intellectual sense. It has been helpful intellectually but has not always touched a deeper chord in my heart. This deeper understanding of who God is, through a personal relationship, has to come in a different way. For me it came about one day when practicing an exercise in the book, “Forty weeks: An Ignatian Path to Christ with Sacred Story Prayer”, by William Watson, SJ. This particular prayer exercise asked that a prayer be made to God asking him to reveal the name He reveals to us that “touches your heart most intimately”. For me the name given was Adonai. Several names were suggested in the book as possibilities but this one was not one of them. I was flooded with a deeper love of God on that day because of it. For the people of Israel, the name “I AM who AM”, mysterious and meaningful as it is, was exactly what they needed to enter into a deeper relationship with God. Covenant relationship with God is more important than simply knowing something about God. In this weekend's Gospel Jesus shows that outward appearances do not always reveal the truth about a person. Lent is our time to cultivate a deeper love of God so that we can bring forth good fruits for eternal life, revealing who we were meant to be. The source of all fruitfulness is the God whom we come to know not just by name but in a personal relationship.

With my prayers,

Fr. Kent