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Happy Easter to all! As we now enter into this great season of joy, we hold onto the graces received in Lent. Long ago I learned from good priests that Easter is not a “graduation” from doing good. It is not a time to go back to bad habits we have overcome in Lent. Easter is for rejoicing that the Risen Lord has overcome death. Easter is a time when any fear of approaching the Lord should be cast aside. The disciples locked themselves in a room, but the Risen Lord came to give them peace. Other disciples, disappointed by the cruelty and seeming finality of the crucifixion, find the Lord walking with them, explaining to them the truth about himself in scripture, and making himself recognized in the breaking of bread, the Eucharist. At this time of year, with warmer weather edging in, many begin to travel more. During Easter families often reunite to celebrate. The larger family of the Church gathers and celebrates more joyfully this Holy Season. Remember, wherever you go, the Lord travels with you. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, don’t be afraid to look for the Lord. Return to the Lord in the community of the Church. These disciples hastened to Jerusalem rejoicing with the others that their beloved Lord had risen from the dead. The community joined their message of hope with their own. In the Church today, Catholics are always welcome home. Certainly, Easter is not a “graduation” from doing good. Surely, any time is a good time, and especially Easter, to come home to the heart of Christ’s love in the Church. Let us then share the message, now and always together. He is Risen, Alleluia! 

With my prayers,
Fr. Kent