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Articles in a recent Bible study magazine presented a study of locations where Jesus spoke to the crowds. The study showed these locations to be surprisingly suited for all present to hear his message. The location mentioned in this weekend’s Gospel in Luke 5:1-11 was one of those studied. It doesn’t surprise me that certain attributes of creation were known to the Son of God. Jesus, as one of us, could also have known this through human experience. The fishermen, Peter in particular, are more surprised by Jesus’ ability to show them how to be better fishermen than they had learned from experience. Rightly, Peter exclaims, “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.” Jesus directed them to a catch of fish that they, experienced and hardworking fishermen, had not been able to accomplish. Did Peter also ask, “Does he know all my sins as well?” Could this reaction have been like that of Isaiah in Isaiah 6:5?  Could Peter have realized that he was in the presence of God? Isaiah and Peter come to the conclusion that they are not worthy to be in the presence such great power. Both recognize rightly and humbly that they are sinners. Both listen attentively in a natural and supernatural way so as to be made ready to do God’s will. What does this humility and recognition of sinfulness have to do with the articles about the acoustics of locations in the Holy Land? It is simply this, God will use both natural and supernatural means for us to hear his call to each particular vocation. Are the ears of our bodies and the ears of our souls open to hearing and following His call for us?

With my prayers,

Fr. Kent