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When children are baptized Catholic, parents make a promise to the Lord to raise and nurture them in the Faith. St. Mary's Family Faith Formation recognizes that this is not an easy task. The primary purpose of Youth Faith Formation is to support parents in living out this promise on a daily basis.

The following is taken from the General Directory of Catechesis, Articles 255 and 227: 

“Parents are the primary educators in the faith. It is for this reason that the Christian community must give very special attention to parents. By means of personal contact, meetings, courses and also adult catechesis directed towards parents, the Christian community must help them assume their responsibility-which is particularly delicate today-of educating their children in the faith.”

 In light of this teaching, St. Mary’s Family Faith Formation provides opportunities for forming the whole family in the faith with an understanding that this is the most effective way for forming faith in our children.

Family Faith Formation occurs on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:15am from September through May.
It includes:
  • monthly parent session
  • monthly child-only session with their catechists
  • monthly family session
  • one at-home lesson delivered by parents (which will be provided at the monthly parent session).

Monthly Parent Sessions: At the monthly parent session, parents receive catechesis and materials based on the monthly theme and guidance on the home lesson for the month while children attend sessions with their grade level catechists.

Family Faith Formation's unique format draws families together through the enthusiastic faith of children and the mutual learning that occurs as parents teach the faith to their children.


To register for the 2019/2020 Family Faith Formation year, click the button below:

Family Faith Formation Online Registration Form


Parents do not have to be experts in the Faith, just willing to devote about an hour a week to quality family time in sharing the Faith.